Preference tests

Participants choose from multiple design options in response to your specific question.
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Use comparison to go deeper

Preference tests help you understand which design option achieves your objectives the best and why. Whether it be videos, logos, packaging or animation.
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Follow-up in detail

Use a participant's preference choice to shape the rest of the questions you ask with Logic.
Image of preference test results with statistical signficance

Be confident in the data you collect

Automatically calculated statistical significance when comparing two designs lets you know when your results are conclusive.

Design is how it works... and looks

Did you know numerous studies have found a link between visual appeal of UIs and task performance? Learn how to use preference tests to deliver designs customers will love.
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UsabilityHub helped us quickly test out new Mixcloud designs so we could get a sense of what people appreciated before getting into code.
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Nico Perez
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