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How does it work?

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You upload a design

Upload your design(s) and choose the type of test you would like to run.

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Users complete your test

Set how many community testers you want to participate, or invite your own.

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We present your results

We compile a detailed breakdown of testers’ interactions with your design.

The UsabilityHub suite of tests.

Five Second Test

Measure the clarity of your design by asking what people recall after viewing it for just five seconds.

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Click Test

Click tests help you measure how effective your designs are at letting users accomplish an intended task.

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Navflow Test

Navflow tests let you see how effectively users navigate around your websites and applications.

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Preference Test

Preference tests help you to confidently choose between two design options by asking users which one they prefer.

Take a test View a sample report
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Introducing UsabilityHubPRO for serious UX research.

Demographic targeting

Target users based on their gender, language, geographical location and age.

Chained test sets

Link multiple tests together when you need to run more in-depth user research.

Plus much more…

Variation split testing, team accounts, post-test redirection, faster test results, and more.

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Hundreds of companies make better informed design decisions with UsabilityHub.

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“Navflow is god's gift to UI designers, probably has the best power-to-simplicity ratio of any software, ever.”
Nick Franklin – Director of Sales, Zendesk
“UsabilityHub helped us quickly test out some mock ups of new Mixcloud designs so we could get a sense of what people appreciated before getting into code.”
Nico Perez – Co-Founder, Mixcloud
“UsabilityHub is quickly becoming part of our core design process and allows us to test and iterate at warp speed.”
Melanie Yencken – Designer, eBay
“UsabilityHub is a game changer. No project is too small or too large – their platform can scale accordingly, delivering easily digestible and highly precise data for analyzing the user experience.”
Luther Lowe – Director, Yelp
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