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UsabilityHub is a remote user research platform that takes the guesswork out of design decisions by validating them with real users.
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usability testing

The world’s best companies rely on UsabilityHub to make better design decisions.

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Five second testing

Card sorting

Discover how people group and label information.
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First click testing

Prototype tests

Discover how people navigate your Figma prototypes.
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First click testing

First click tests

Test interaction with first click and navigation tests.
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Design surveys


Get feedback on images, videos or audio files.
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Preference testing

Preference tests

Find out which designs users prefer and why.
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Five second testing

Five second tests

Test comprehensibility by measuring first impressions.
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usability testing
Effortless validation for

Design professionals

Test interfaces, interaction flows, iconography and more, to help you create intuitive and delightful experiences for your users.
The navigation test is god's gift to UI designers, it probably has the best power-to-simplicity ratio of any software, ever.
Nick Franklin
Nick Franklin
Chief Executive Officer
Usability Testing for Marketers
Optimisation for


Fine-tune landing pages, messaging, and creative, helping you optimise conversion rates on marketing campaigns and product launches.
We use UsabilityHub tests to help us make decisions for various projects. From web and mobile design to marketing activities.
Rick van de Ven
Rick van de Ven
Digital Marketing Analyst
usability testing
Easier decision making for

Product managers

Ensure you’re delivering the right features to the right customers by validating product concepts with your target audience.
Adopting UsabilityHub got us into the habit of asking our users questions before locking in decisions.
Ron Dario
Ron Diorio
VP Innovation & New Products

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