Moderated Studies


Say goodbye to manually scheduling, tracking, and communicating with participants, and reduce the number of no-shows.
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The world’s best companies rely on UsabilityHub to make better design decisions.


Set up your moderated study criteria

• Include a survey screener. Choose
to automatically qualify, disqualify,
or manually review participants. 
• Connect multiple calendars for
multiple hosts, using Google Calendar. 
• Set availability criteria and use
pre-defined buffers to prepare or consolidate notes.

Say goodbye to tedious scheduling

• Automated emails will invite, confirm, remind, cancel and thank participants (replaces Calendly and iCal).
• Participants can effortlessly book a time that suits them.
• Create unlimited, customizable recruitment links to segment your audience.

All your participants in one place

• View all your invited applicants, and their status.
• Quickly find the right participants for your study.
• Invite users to a session.

No more spreadsheets

• View upcoming sessions, manage hosts, and update the video link or location.
• Join upcoming sessions right from the dashboard.
• Tag participants to track status and incentives.

Join the world’s leading brands

Over 280,000 designers, marketers, researchers, and UX professionals use UsabilityHub to take the guess work out of design decisions.

No credit card required
UsabilityHub is a great tool with a low barrier to entry. Try it out before investing in high-cost validation methods.
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