The end-to-end remote user testing platform

The UsabilityHub platform offers a comprehensive suite of testing tools that helps you uncover design issues early, preventing wasted time, effort and user frustration.
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An icon depicting a card sorting test.

Card sorting

Discover how to organize your content in a way that makes sense to your audience.
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Prototype testing

Import your prototype from Figma and get powerful feedback from real users.
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Image of preference test

Design surveys

Put an end to internal debates by asking your users questions, validating assumptions and avoiding missteps.
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Image of survey results
Image of five second test results

Five second tests

Optimise messaging on landing pages and reduce bounce rates by measuring people’s first impressions of your designs.
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Image of preference test

Preference tests

Participants choose from multiple design options in response to your specific question.
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First click tests

Assess the effectiveness of the links and content hierarchy by measuring how people complete tasks using your designs.
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Your own participants

Invite your customers to participate in tests or integrate with any participant panel that you’re already using.
No response limits
Recruit as many of your own participants as you like on any of our plans.
Post-test redirects
Integrate with third-party panels by redirecting users to completion URLs.
Multi device support
UsabilityHub tests work on every device with nothing to set up or install.
Custom test branding
Provide a seamless experience by customising tests to suit your brand.
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The UsabilityHub panel

Order responses from your exact target users in minutes using our integrated 530,000+ participant panel.
Demographic targeting
Choose from over 35 demographic attributes to target, including age, location, gender, and more.
Response quality guaranteed
Our manual and automated QA reviews ensure high participant quality.
Lightning-fast fulfilment
Our real-time notification system means you start getting responses in minutes.
Won’t break the bank
Recruiting from our panel starts at $1 per participant and free demographic targeting.
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The world’s best companies rely on UsabilityHub to make better design decisions.

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Audience split testing
Ensuring each participant on a test is unique to iterate on designs with fresh data every time.
Open text analysis
Visualise and tag open text responses to quickly identify common themes in your data.
Funnel analysis
Identify which step in an interaction flow causes the greatest drop-offs and user frustration.
Click visualisations
Highlight regions to get exact counts of user clicks or visualise them using heat maps.
Task durations
Spot areas of confusion with granular timing data for each task participants perform.
CSV exports
Export your full test data and run in-depth analysis in any tool of your choice.
Per questions filters
Drill down into response data by filtering on participants' answers and task completions.
Device targeting
Add validity by specifying which devices tests can be taken on, more closely emulating your design's intended platform.
Ask questions based on how participants answered previous questions.
Present the test-taking interface to testers in any of the 30 languages we support.
Custom variables
Pass variables into your self-recruited test by using query strings in your custom URL.
Multi-section tests
Combine different test-taking methodologies and section types into a single test.