Landing Page CRO Test

Improve conversion rates by testing how well people understand the purpose of your landing page.


Conversion rate optimization (CRO) on landing pages can be vital for ensuring people get the most from your website. Websites with a clear purpose and clear offering are likely to be visited more frequently and maintain user interest for longer. Most importantly, quickly communicating the core offering reduces the rate at which visitors bounce from the page.

By running a five-second test, you can discover whether visitors will be able to quickly and easily determine what the page is about and what is being offered. A five-second test can also help you measure users' crucial first impressions of a page.

Test Setup

To conduct this test we simply uploaded a screenshot of the landing page. We set the scene for the participants, informing them:

“You are about to see a company website. Try to figure out what the company does and what you can do on the site.”

The page is then shown for exactly five seconds.

Cro setup

After they had seen the website for five seconds, we asked them to answer this question:

What is the main product/service this company provides?

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Cro results 1

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With only 42% of participants correctly identifying that the page is advertising a software product, it's evident that it is not clearly communicating its purpose to visitors within the first five seconds. This confusion may be caused by the prominent image of a sales representative at the top of the page. A subsequent test for a design variation featuring different imagery may validate this theory.