Prototype testing

Learn how people navigate your interactive prototypes and find out what to improve before you ship.  
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Import easily from Figma

Create your prototypes in Figma and embed the Flows directly in your UsabilityHub test for quick feedback from real users.

Get valuable feedback from real users

Advanced results highlights who achieved your task and who didn’t. Learn where they clicked, which pages they visited in what order, and see what patterns emerged.
Image of preference test results with statistical signficance

Ship with confidence by testing early

Uncover usability issues by discovering how your prototype performs, amend and re-test with no delays. Test with five or five thousand and start leveraging rapid research insights today.

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UsabilityHub helped us quickly test out new Mixcloud designs so we could get a sense of what people appreciated before getting into code.
Nico Perez - Mixcloud
Nico Perez
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