Prototype testing

Learn how people navigate your interactive Figma prototypes at every stage of the design process, so you can discover what to improve before you ship.
prototype testing

Import your Figma prototypes in a few clicks

Create your prototypes in Figma and embed the flows directly in your UsabilityHub tests for quick feedback from real users in minutes.
prototype testing

Test at every stage of the design process

Choose from two test types:
Free Flow: to test when you're in an exploratory phase of a project
Task Flow: to test a flow with a set goal or objective
prototype testing

Get feedback on your designs in minutes

Share a link with your users or recruit your target audience via our integrated panel. You’ll start seeing insights in minutes — not days.
figma prototype testing

Follow up when it matters - without getting in the way

Need to add some guidance or dig a little deeper with your participants? You can use a floating modal to add custom instructions or ask conditional follow-up questions if users do or don’t take a specific action.
prototype testing

Uncover usability issues early so you can ship with confidence

Analzye results quickly with real-time data visualization. Customize test results to uncover themes and insights.
• Heat maps
• Click maps
• Path analysis
• Goal completion and time to complete
• Auto grouping and filtering of results

A complete guide to prototype testing

In this complete guide, we explore what prototype testing is and why it’s an important step in the UX design process. You'll discover the different types of prototypes, when you should run a prototype test, and get a step-by-step of the testing process.
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