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Card sorting

Discover how to organize your content in a way that makes sense to your audience with open and closed card sorting.
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card sorting

Understand how users group information

Base your design decisions on data, not guesswork. Discover how your audience categorizes and labels your content.
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Get feedback in minutes

Share a link with your users or recruit your target audience via our integrated panel. You’ll start seeing insights in minutes — not days.

Deliver an experience everyone will love

Build your test in minutes by dragging and dropping images or copy and pasting from a list.
• Copy and paste for bulk items️
• Smooth mobile drag and drop UI
• Personalize welcome and instructions
• Test options for complete flexibility
An image of an agreement matrix showing results from a card sort test.

Deep dive into data

Analzye results quickly with real-time data visualization. Customize test results to uncover themes and insights.
• Card and category view
• Agreement matrix
• Similarity matrix
• Auto grouping and filtering of results

Confidently define your information architecture

Card sorting is a well-established UX research method used to define navigation structures, organize product categories, and build content taxonomies. Learn all about this research method and how to run a card sort test with our comprehensive guide.
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