Platform pricing

Our platform is priced to suit both occasional and regular usage. Recruitment from our participant panel is priced separately—see panel pricing below. For more detailed information about billing please see our Help Center.


Free basic tests
For occasional testing
USD $50 per upgraded test


Pay annually and get 50% off!
user / month 
billed monthly
user / month 
billed annually
For regular testing
Unlimited upgraded tests


Bespoke pricing
For enterprise procurement
Unlimited upgraded tests

What is an "upgraded test"?

You can run basic tests under two minutes in duration for free. Longer tests and advanced features require a test upgrade. You can upgrade tests individually on the Flexible plan or run unlimited upgraded tests on the Annual plan.

Upgraded features include: 

- custom welcome section
- custom thank you section
- custom branding
- post-test redirects.

All plans include

Purple square with a cursor in it
First click tests
Red square with a heart in it
Preference tests
Yellow square with a question mark in it
Design surveys
Blue square with an hourglass in it
Five second tests
Green square with an A/B in it
Split testing
Free BYO testers
GDPR compliance
Real human support

Panel pricing

Our 170K+ participant panel lets you get responses from your target demographic in minutes. No hidden fees.
People with speech bubbles, the bubbles have green ticks on them to indicate they have been checked

Guaranteed high quality panelist responses

A woman is sitting on the ground cross-legged with a laptop. Next to her, another woman is reaching up to touch a pie chart on a poster of various charts

Free device type and demographic targeting

A man and a woman are examining charts

Unique panelists across multiple tests (variation sets)

How much does it cost to order responses?

Starting at USD $1 per response, panel pricing is based on the duration of your tests.

The longer the test, the more each response costs. For example:

Short tests

5 questions, 1-2 minutes long
2 per panelist

Medium tests

10 questions, 3-4 minutes long
4 per panelist

Longer tests

15 questions, 5-7 minutes long
6 per panelist

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum subscription term?
On the Annual plan, the minimum subscription term is one year. You can add users at any time and will be charged a pro-rata amount for their seat. On the Flexible plan there is no subscription term nor any ongoing fees.
How does the Flexible plan work?
The Flexible plan has no up-front or ongoing fees. You can upgrade individual tests as needed for a flat fee of $50, which removes all length and feature restrictions from that test.
What are credits?
Credits can be used to upgrade tests and recruit participants from the UsabilityHub panel. You can purchase credits and store them on your account to use when needed. They never expire and there are discounts when purchasing in bulk.
What’s included in the Enterprise plan?
The Enterprise plan is suited to companies with sophisticated procurement needs. We can provide SLAs, perform security audits, review and implement custom terms, and make arrangements for larger teams. Please contact sales to set up a short exploratory conversation.
What are the payment options?
Secure payments with Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. Manual invoicing is available on Annual and Enterprise plans. Contact us for details.
Is UsabilityHub GDPR compliant?
Yes. As a Data Controller, UsabilityHub's privacy policy affords all users of our software (not only EU citizens) the rights stipulated by the GDPR. You may also sign our Data Processing Schedule to ensure your own GDPR compliance when using UsabilityHub as a Data Processor. Please visit this article for more information.

UsabilityHub for good

For students and educators
We’re big believers in the value of research in design education so we provide a 25% discount on our Annual plan for all students and educators.
Contact us
For non-profits and charities
We pride ourselves on giving as much as we can to philanthropic efforts. As part of that we offer charities and non-profits a 25% discount on our Annual plan.
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