Which logo design resonates best with my audience?

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Are you trying to decide between logo options? Or looking for a new direction with your existing branding? While many internal stakeholders may have feedback, there’s no alternative to getting your logo in front of your audience — real consumers. It gets you fresh, external opinions from test participants with no skin in the game.

Running a preference test is an easy way to get this type of fast feedback, either from your own customers, or people who match their demographic profile. You can test up to 6 designs at once, or pair them off in a round-robin fashion until you’ve narrowed it down to the winner.

Make sure you put in a follow-up question to learn why users went with their preference. These answers can help you develop further iterations on the designs.

This can also be a great source of material for your presentation slides, and if you categorize them into meaningful groups, you can create very communicative metrics.

The results from the example test have some great responses for the winning logo. Reading the text responses to a ‘why’ question can be an enlightening experience. Don’t skip over them after you’ve seen the headline numbers, as you might miss a priceless insight into the design.