What do users think about my finance app Figma prototype?

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There are two ways to test prototypes in UsabilityHub – Task Flow and Free Flow. 

If you’re in the exploratory phase of a project and want initial feedback on your designs, Free Flow is a good option. It’s ideal for when you want to observe how participants discover a flow on their own. This is useful when you want to find out if users can navigate through different screens to find information, whether they easily understand information, and to see what they think about your designs.

In this example, we created an interactive prototype for a finance app. We were specifically interested in what participants thought about the onboarding experience. 

We asked participants to click through the prototype and answer some questions about what they understood from the designs presented, how clear they found the prototype screens on a scale from 1 to 5, and multiple-choice questions about what they understand the product to be and what they think about the idea for the app, plus whether they’d use the product. We also asked participants to choose five words that best describe the look and feel of the design.

When viewing the results, we can label the goal screen and click through the screen thumbnails to see the number and percentage of participants who viewed each screen and the average time they spent on each screen. We can also filter the results to see data only relating to participants who viewed that screen.

We can also dig a little deeper to view common paths and individual paths. Here, the common paths view shows us five common paths participants took when navigating the prototype. We can name these paths if we want to. The individual paths view shows us how each participant completed the path. 

If you set a goal screen, this is highlighted in green, so it’s easy to see when looking through both common path and individual path results.

From the results page, we can also export screens as heat maps and click maps, and export a CSV with all the data, including participant information.

Doing a Free Flow prototype test can help us throughout the UX design process. Once you’ve done a few Free Flow prototype tests, follow this up with a Task Flow test with a specific goal screen in mind.