New vs. Old Logo Test

Successfully launch a rebrand with the help of preference testing.


Are you trying to decide between two logos? While many internal parties may have feedback, there is no alternative to getting your logo in front of real users and finding out fresh, external opinions.

Using a preference test allows you to quickly determine not only which logo users prefer, but also why.

Test Setup

To begin, upload both versions of the logo you will be testing. In this example we're testing the classic Gap logo against the infamous redesign that caused a stir in 2010.

Then give specific instructions to participants. Here you may ask them to focus on a particular attribute or to choose based on certain criteria. In this case we simply asked the question:

“Which of these two logos do you find more aesthetically pleasing? Please explain why in detail.”

Logo setup

Participants are shown both logos, they choose their favorite, and then they answer why they made their choice.

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Logo results

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The original Gap logo was the clear winner here. Gaining a statistically significant success rate can help give you confidence in your design decision, particularly when it’s as high as 99%.

It should also be noted that participants who chose the original logo took 2.7 seconds less time than those choosing the newer logo, suggesting they were quicker to come to their decision.

The feedback participants gave in the follow-up question provides some insight into why it was more popular. Many called it “stylish” or “familiar” and enjoyed the unique font.