Will users notice important elements of my website?

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For many websites, especially e-commerce and content delivery sites, promotional elements are a key to sales, traffic, and success.

Promotional elements, in the form of banners, images, and content blocks, are used to boost awareness of new products, offer a free sample, or plug a big sale. These elements are key to the way the design performs, so it’s worth testing some options and getting them right.

In the example test, we used a design survey to get an opinion from participants about what is the most prominent element on the page. You could use a five second test for this as well, but for a page like this which is quite long and detailed, a design question test lets participants get to grips with the design in their own time. 

By adding another test section after the design question, we can see what made a lasting impression. This is a good way to test participants’ recall of the design, as they have to complete the question section without the design on their screen again. It’s impossible to go back and check it a second time.

The results in these tests are usually straightforward. For a successful test, you’d want to see at least a result of 75-80% of participants noticing or remembering your key element.