Icon Visual Preference Test

Measure which app icon resonates best with your audience.


Ensuring your mobile app icon is suitable can be a challenge for any designer. An effective app icon must showcase information at a glance, reflect existing branding, and match the style of the app it opens.

One of the best ways to test which mobile app icon would work best is to use a preference test to ask users which they prefer from a range of designs. You can test anywhere from two to six designs in a single test.

Test Setup

We set up our test by showing participants two app icon variations and asking them to pick their preferred version. The selection criteria was left open ended and a follow-up question was enabled to collect additional feedback.

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Icon visual screens


In our test, the design in Option 1 was the winner with a 55.4% success rate out of 101 responses. Though this doesn't constitute a statistically significant result, the written responses from participants gave valuable insights into which qualities were seen as attractive.

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Icon visual result


Key takeaways from this test include:

  • doubling up on the text in the icon and the app label causes unnecessary noise,
  • simple shapes and bright color palettes are more visually appealing to participants, and
  • matching the icon aesthetic with that of the device operating system is more appealing to participants.