Icon Recognition Test

Identify the best icon to use for a given action in a user interface.


A user’s ability to recognize an icon for a given action is a good measure of that icon's success. Each user may have different expectations for which icon will complete a desired action based on previous exposure, culture, and other factors.

There is no standard “sharing” icon, which has resulted in a wide variety of icons being produced to represent this action. In this icon recognition test, we aim to measure which icon a group of participants will associate most strongly with “sharing”.

Test Setup

We created a preference test featuring four icons from real-world applications to represent a sharing action, and asked 101 participants to answer this question:

Which one of the following icons best represents "sharing an article”?

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Icon recognition results

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Icon recognition insight
In our test, the clear winner was the share icon first introduced in 2006 by ShareThis, which was selected by 64% of participants.

The worst performing icon (selected by only 2% of participants) was the open share icon, which has some adoption but low recognizability.

Surprisingly, Apple’s default share icon (Option 2) was also a poor performer, with only 6% of our participants choosing it over the alternatives.

The written feedback is also worth reviewing. In particular, most participants who picked Option 4 noted that it was “universal for sharing” or the “most used” version.