How long does it take customers to find a product on my e-commerce site?

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The positioning, layout, and size of products on an e-commerce site are all key parts to creating an engaging and useful shopping experience.

If you’re concerned that potential customers will have trouble scanning your product range, or you’re considering a change to your layout, then a simple click test on the UsabilityHub platform can help you explore the issue in depth.

In this simple example, test participants are asked to find a specific product. There’s a quick Customer Effort Score question to follow up the task, which allows the participant to give us a soft measure for how easy or hard the task was to complete.

Highlighting clicked areas on the tested image gives you a snapshot of the data gathered from participants who clicked there. This helps you compare data from one test to another. If people were able to find your target product quicker in a new design concept compared to your existing layout, then you’re on to a winner.

In addition to the succinct test results page, UsabilityHub tests generate plenty more data to get stuck into. You can download the raw results data in CSV format and load them straight into your preferred spreadsheet or data processing package for chart creation, distribution analysis, and more.