Can participants reach a Figma prototype goal screen?

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There are two ways to test prototypes in UsabilityHub – Task Flow and Free Flow. 

If you’re confident with your design and want to test a flow with a specific set of objectives, Task Flow is a good option. It’s ideal for testing how easy your design is to use. You can use this to see whether your participants can complete a specific task, and to see how easy or difficult it is for them to complete the task.

In this simple example, we created an interactive prototype for a hiring services app. We asked participants to click through the prototype screens and show us how they would complete a task to hire a Patient Panda. 

We also asked a follow-up question to participants about how easy they found the task on a scale from 1 to 5.

When viewing the results, we can see that most users (97%) reached the goal screen and found the task very easy. We can also see the average number of clicks, the average number of misclicks, and the average time it took to reach the goal screen, plus the number of participants who reached the goal screen. We can also filter the results to see data only relating to participants who reached the goal screen.

We can also dig a little deeper to view common paths and individual paths. The common paths view gives us a high-level overview of how most participants reached the goal screen. And the individual paths view shows us how each participant completed the path. If you have a portion of participants who didn’t reach the goal screen, this is a good way to investigate what their pain points were.

From the results page, we can also export screens as heat maps and click maps, and export a CSV with all the data, including participant information.

Doing a Task Flow prototype test can help us when we’re near the end of the UX design process, and we want to validate how easy it is for participants to reach a specific goal.