App Onboarding Test

Find out how many people successfully complete your app onboarding and where drop-off occurs.


Apps that easily onboard new users are more likely to be used in the long term and create a pleasant experience for the user from the beginning.

By running a navigation test, you can discover how easy users find your onboarding process, as well as any potential points of friction which could be affecting your ability to retain new users.

Test Setup

We tested the onboarding flow for a mobile game.

We set up our test by creating screenshots of the full onboarding process from the initial screen to playing the game. On each screen we created “hitzones,” showing where a “correct” click should occur. Since the onboarding process requires users to select a region, we tailored the flow for participants in the USA and sourced all participants from the USA to make things easy.

The entire process consisted of eight screens to navigate through.

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Along with quantitative results, heat maps and click maps are available for each step of the navigation, providing further details for analysis.

Step 1 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 13.6s Taken
Step 2 92% Succeeded 8% Failed 4.2s Taken
Step 3 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 2.3s Taken
Step 4 87% Succeeded 13% Failed 4.8s Taken
Step 5 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 2.7s Taken
Step 6 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 3.0s Taken
Step 7 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 4.4s Taken
Step 8 100% Succeeded 0% Failed 3.5s Taken

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In total, 80% of the participants managed to complete the entire navigation test successfully. There were only two screens where drop-offs occurred.

App onboard screens

Screen 2 (Region Selection)

Given that we ensured all participants were from the USA, how did two participants end up hitting the wrong country? One participant who clicked "United Kingdom" explained “I meant to hit United States.” This suggests that the similarity between these two names could be problematic for some users.

Screen 4 (Agreements)

Here, a number of participants clicked on “User Agreement,” which is a valid response, but wasn’t marked with a hitzone. It is useful to know that some people will click here. From this feedback, we should ensure the onboarding flow for users who view the User Agreement isn't derailed.