Information about UsabilityHub

Variation sets

Variations sets allow you to run the same test on multiple versions of a design, or multiple tests on the same design, and keep them organised in a group.

This is great for iterating on a design, or testing multiple variations to see which performs best.

We make sure that every tester will see only one of your test variations to ensure that each response is coming from somebody who is seeing your design for the first time.

To create a variation set on the "make a variation button" on any test.

Choose a name for the set of variations. Eg. "Home page designs" or "Logo options".

Now you can copy your test within the set to start making variations. All of the test's settings will be copied, so you only need to upload a new design or change the test instructions or questions.

create a test variation

Recruiting testers for variations

In additional to recruiting testers for each test individually, you can recruit testers to take a random variation. Head to the "Recruit Testers" tab of your variation set to grab the link.

Recruits who visit this link will be taken to a random variation, and we'll try to split them evenly across all variations.

random test variation invitation

Orders from UsabilityHub need to be made separately on each variation, just as they are on each test.

Test variations are available on the Basic, Pro, and Team plans.