Information about UsabilityHub

Chaining tests together into sets

If you would like to invite your recruited testers to take multiple tests in a row, create a sequential test set:

  1. From the main app navigation click "+ Add" next to the set navigation
  2. Type in a name for the set and make sure to pick "Sequential Set"
  3. Select the tests to include, and drag them into your preferred order
  4. Enter a custom thank-you message to be shown after the tests are completed
  5. Enter a redirect URL where we will send your testers after completing the tests (optional)
  6. Save!
Sequence set

Each set has a unique link, which you can share with your recruits to direct them to take each of the tests in a row.

Recruits can only complete each test once. If they revisit the link they will be directed to the next test that they haven't completed, if there is one.

Ordering responses from UsabilityHub for a test set is not currently available.

Chained tests are available on the Basic, Pro, and Team plans.

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To collect demographic information for the recruits to a test set, turn on demographic collection for the first test in the set. The information will be on every response provided.