Information about UsabilityHub

Post-test redirects

It's possible to redirect your recruited testers back to your website, or anywhere else you like, after completing your test or set of tests.

Simple use

To simply redirect recruits to a page after completing the test, visit the "Recruit your own testers" tab of a test, enter the url you want them to be redirected to located at the bottom of the page.



Advanced use

You can also track participants by sending each person a customised link to your test (or set of tests) containing parameter that will be used in the post-test redirect.

  1. Include the special code {{ref}} (including the double curly-braces) in your redirect link where you would like your tracking value to be inserted.

  2. Direct each tester to your test with the parameter named ref containing a value that you can use to identify them when they are redirected back. You can use any kind of id.

  3. We will redirect the tester using the reference given.

This technique allows you to track who completed your test, and offer customised and automated rewards to your recruits back on your own website.