Information about UsabilityHub

Ordering responses from UsabilityHub

Get fast results by ordering responses from UsabilityHub's testers.

Responses can be ordered at any time. Just head to the Order Responses tab of your test to select the number of responses you would like us to provide.

Order testers

How much do responses cost?

Responses ordered from UsabilityHub cost 1 credit each.

Your order will automatically use any credits available in your account. If additional credits are required you will be prompted to purchase them to complete your order.

Who will take my test?

Test responses come from UsabilityHub panel members and other UsabilityHub customers.

The age, gender and country of the people who completed your test can be viewed on each test's demographics page.

You can also specify the demographics of the testers we source for your test.

How long will it take to get my responses?

We're always paying close attention to make sure that the queue is moving quickly. Response times will vary depending on:

  • The amount of traffic we're currently receiving. Weekdays are faster than weekends.
  • Your test's language. Tests in languages other than English can experience longer wait times.
  • The demographics you specified (if any).

On average, you can expect to receive 50 responses within 1-2 hours for common demographics.

Can I increase my order?

You can place additional orders for test responses at any time. Each order will only be available to testers who haven't responded to the test already, so you're always getting unique people.

How do I get a specific proportion of different demographics?

Do this by placing multiple separate orders for each group. For example, if you wanted 100 participants from USA/Canada with a 50-50 split, you would place one order for 50 participants from the USA and a second order for 50 participants from Canada.

What if I want to reach countries or demographics that aren't well-covered by the UsabilityHub panel?

We're not always able to provide responses from the UsabilityHub panel for orders that target very specific demographics, or that target countries that are not well covered by our panel.

In these cases, we may offer to source responses for your test from an external panel. You can find out more about that feature here.

You can also always recruit your own testers.