ENMAX Case Study

ENMAX is headquartered in Calgary, and they provide electricity and natural gas to over half a million people and businesses in the Alberta region.

The Brand, Web and Advertising team is lead by Sonia Taylor Crichton, and oversees ENMAX’s website enmax.com, along with delivering the development and execution of advertising and brand campaigns across the organization.

The team is tasked with attracting customers through the website, ensuring a seamless customer experience that encourages product sign-ups and inspires loyalty among existing customers, with the aim to deliver content that is engaging and relevant. All of this is done with extensive collaboration across multiple business units like: Marketing, I.T., Security, Operations and more.

Team member Ben Sopher first suggested UsabilityHub as a solution to their user testing needs, with the wider team adopting its use over time.

UsabilityHub has been extremely important to our design process. It has given us the ability to make important decisions; which have improved the customer experience immensely.
Ben Sopher
User Experience Designer

The structure of navigation is important for any website that contains a range of information and sales pathways, and ENMAX is no exception. By optimizing navigation ENMAX can increase conversions of sales, but also ensure existing customers’ needs are met in a structured way.

Sonia Taylor Crichton tells us the team uses different tests to continually optimize and enhance the performance of ENMAX’s website.

“The range of testing that can be performed is second to none. Having the ability to create everything from complex navigation tests, to simple preference testing makes UsabilityHub an invaluable tool in any UX designer’s toolkit,” Sonia said. “The speed with which you get results is an added bonus - you can receive 100 responses within the hour.”

The Brand, Web and Advertising team also use Crazy Egg in conjunction with UsabilityHub when conducting testing, offering them a different way to see how current solutions are performing, how engaged users are with the page and to gain insight into where they can make layout and content improvements.

If you want a quick, affordable and effective method of testing wireframes, concepts and mock-ups then UsabilityHub is a great choice.
Sonia Taylor Crichton
Manager Brand, Web and Advertising

If you’d like to see how UsabilityHub can help your business, reach out to us at sales@usabilityhub.com