Careers at UsabilityHub

Our mission is to champion human-centered design by democratizing access to UX research.

Our values

Do more with less
Where compromise is needed, we prefer working on a few great things over many mediocre ones.
Optimise for fulfilment
We value purpose and meaning in our work and, wherever possible, prioritise passion over profits.
Succeed as a team
We strive to support and amplify each other’s efforts and find personal success in helping others succeed.
Embrace transparency
We communicate proactively to ensure we stay on the same page and we’re honest and candid with our feedback.
Strive to always be better
We invest extensively in ourselves and view learning and introspection as part of our jobs and not an "on your own time" activity.

Perks and benefits

Flexible work schedule
We make sure work fits your lifestyle by offering a choice between a 5, 4.5 or 4 day work week.
Employee profit sharing
We share in our success by offering all team members a percentage of quarterly profits.
Generous parental leave
We support growing families with 14 weeks paid leave for primary carers and 6 weeks for secondary carers.
Learning on the job
We offer AU$1,500 per year for you to spend on books, courses and events along with six paid LevelUp days.
Equipment and office
Whether you’re working from home, a co-working space or our office, we’ll cover everything you need to do your best work.