Manage your UsabilityHub account access with SAML SSO

You can now manage your UsabilityHub account with SAML SSO.

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Manage your UsabilityHub account access with SAML SSO

For enterprises, adding a new tool to the toolkit can incur a fair amount of red tape, from security audits to police checks to custom trainings and demos. But when it comes to managing your UsabilityHub account, the good news is you can use Security Assertion Markup Language single sign-on (SAML SSO).

Many large companies that come to us have different needs to smaller teams or individuals that use UsabilityHub. One of those requirements is the ability to control how their teams authenticate with external providers.

For bigger teams, especially now with the prevalence of working from home, having individual team members set their own passwords is a business risk and goes against established IT and security protocol. In the past, this has even prevented some customers from being able to use UsabilityHub at all.

Google SSO & custom password standards

We’ recently made some changes to help with these security protocols. In 2020, we announced the ability to sign up and sign in with Google as our first SSO feature. Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of teams and users leverage Google authentication to keep their account authentication secure and easy to manage.

For enterprise customers that don’t have Google, we've also added the ability to set a specific minimum password length and complexity rules. If your company has a password policy, this can help make sure that you can still use UsabilityHub and conform to that security standard.

SAML is here

We’re pleased to announce that there’s now another option for the security-conscious companies who want to add UsabilityHub to their suite of research tools.

For companies who manage their team’s access to third party tools with Okta, UsabilityHub is now available for SAML SSO. The benefits are numerous, including the ability to manage access to multiple tools from a centralized platform.

We know that many organisations are using different SAML standards, but in the spirit of iterative improvements, we have chosen Okta as our MVP. We're already supporting teams using Okta and SAML and it’s smooth sailing.

Democratizing human-centered design and research

Our mission at UsabilityHub is to democratize human-centered design by getting more people to practice UX research. It’s been frustrating to see people who want to use our tools have to go elsewhere simply because we didn’t have the security features that their organization required, and we’re so excited to be able to support them moving forward.

We’re committed to doing everything that’s required to get more people running more tests more often, to check their biases and assumptions, and get insights from real people.

If you’re an existing user and you’d like to set up SAML for your team with Okta, please contact our support team.

For anyone who was waiting for this feature to sign up, please get in contact with our sales team to talk about getting a demo.

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