Introducing test logic to UsabilityHub

Use display logic to show participants questions based on previous responses and get more precise test results from your participants.

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Introducing test logic to UsabilityHub

Up until now, UsabilityHub tests have been a one size fits all affair. With display logic, you can show participants questions based on previous responses, which allows you to get more precise with your test design and dig deeper into participants’ answers.

What is display logic?

Logic on the UsabilityHub platform utilizes display logic. By default, all participants will see all questions/sections that don’t have any conditions applied. Their test experience changes on a per question/section basis when logic is applied. Once a participant has answered a question/section with logic enabled, they're shown the next part of the test the same as everyone else.

There are various different types of logic used on other research platforms, but we decided to go with display logic keep things simple.

How can I use display logic?

Here are some top tips for using display logic in your tests on UsabilityHub.

Apply conditions to follow-up questions

One of the cool features of logic is that you can apply conditions to your follow-up questions. For example, in this test, the researcher is looking to understand more about people’s perception of their pet-related products. At the start, they can ask about whether their participants own a pet.

And then later on, the language of their follow up-questions can be tailored to pet owners or non-pet owners.

Ask targeted questions based on preference tests

Preference tests can also be used as conditions, allowing you to ask further questions based on what you already know the participant prefers.

In the case of our example test, the researcher could ask whether participants prefer a certain type of pet, and then later on, use that preference to show them a relevant landing page as part of the five second test.

Use mandatory questions to your advantage

Mandatory questions can be used as a way to send people to a specific conditional follow-up question. If your participant skips a question, they won’t see any conditional questions shown based on their answer.

By making the question mandatory, you can create a test where participants are shown one of a set of conditional questions.

As an advanced testing feature, logic is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

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